Treatment Process


The first step in making you feel relaxed and tension free while restoring your body health is soaking your feet. Your foot care specialist will help you place both feet in a tub of hot water. Prior to soaking your feet a herbal mixture of tea and other ancient ingredients passed on through the ages in mainland China will be added to water to both detoxify and relax your entire body as all nerves of the body are connected to the feet. 

Pressure Points

Pressure point is also referred to as reflexology. Chinese foot care is based on the art and science of reflexology. Your foot care specialist is both a technician and an artist in that he or she must have the technical knowledge to know what pressure points affect the body. Pain associated with reflexology is seldom the specialist pressing too hard but rather an indication that part of the body is not healthy or has suffered a recent injury. 

Balance & Energy

If reflexology were the Ying of Chinese foot care, the foot and leg balance is the Yang of Chinese foot care. Your foot care specialist is restoring balance and energy to your body as he treats your feet and legs using different types of motions. Through a combination of long and short rubs your feet and legs will feel as if they are floating. Foot and leg pressure is being absorbed by the motion resulting in a final sense of wholeness.